We are ready for the madness! Check out last years photos.

  The Beer Dash is the RGV's First and Biggest Beer Run! Check out some of the photos taken at last years fun event and get excited for this years madness. Join us on October 17 for the second edition of this run.  Participants come out to the Beer Dash dressed for success. The Red…


Football fans gain average of 10 pounds during regular season

Weight Gain During Football Season? It's True! An online Harris Interactive survey of 1,283 football fans found that 25 percent of respondents said they gained weight during the football season. The average gain was 10 pounds and 16 percent of fans admitted they gained 20 pounds or more. While football season does overlap with the…

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Some tips on developing your drinking speed.

How is your BEER DASH training going? Here are some quick tips to get in before tackling the grueling challenge you are going to get yourself into. You don't want to go into this without a little bit of training. Drinking Speed When practicing your bottoms-up can slamming, keep in mind these tips: Drink room…

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Don’t “Just Do It.” Do It Like You Mean It. – Jessi Kneeland

Ya know how you tried a foreign language in high school but you felt like an idiot and nobody encouraged you to put real effort into it, so you kinda just learned the Americanized version of all the words and said stuff like “yo-kee-air-oh taco bell?” And then one day you went to Spain or wherever……

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