Hog Dash 6


June 4, 2016 | San Benito Fairgrounds


Get Ready To Get Dirty! The Hog Dash is a fun and challenging 5k run filled with wall climbs, mud crawls, tire obstacles, tunnel crawls, hurdles, mud pits and many more surprises awaiting the competitors.  HOG DASH 6 promises to be the best mud run in the valley. Everything is bigger this year. Better obstacles, Awesome location, Ultra Spectator Friendly, an atmosphere of great people surrounding you all for the same cause of getting dirty, conquering obstacles and having the times of their lives.  MUSIC, MUD, FOOD, GAMES AND MORE! YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Stop making excuses Hog DashWHY IS IT SO DAMN AWESOME?

It’s something out of the normal. This years Hog Dash is expected to reach record numbers in participants as well as spectators. Jumping in the mud with your friends.hmmm YES!!!! Never ordinary. Music. Food. Games. The ORIGINAL. – RGV HOG DASH.

It’s that time again! Hog Dash is here and this year will be our biggest one yet.  To make this year’s packet pickup more convenient with our participants schedules we have extended our hours and days. We want all participants to attend packet pickup to get your numbers, shirts, parking pass, goodie bag etc. Only out of Valley participants may pick up their packet the day of the event. Otherwise you may send someone to pick yours up.
  • With 3 dates to pickup your packet there is plenty of time to get your bags.
  • You must present Valid ID for Hog Dash.
  • There will be new merchandise sales at event so bring extra cash to get some awesome gear!
  • If plan on picking up packet for others, you must have a copy of their ID (picture is fine) and a signed release saying you will pick it up. NO Exceptions.
  • San Benito Parks and Rec. will be selling vehicle parking passes if you have not pre purchased them.


Wednesday June 1st 11-7pm – McAllen Gamehaus Gastropub – 2109 W Nolana Mcallen

Thursday June 2nd 11am-7pm – Pharr Matt’s Cash & Carry – 404 E. Expwy 83 Pharr

Friday June 3rd 11-7pm – San Benito Matt’s Cash & Carry – 2100 E. Expwy 83 San Benito

Ultra-logoHOG PEN:

Bring your tents, chairs, girlfriends, pet rocks and gear. It’s gonna get hot out there, lets cool it down a bit with a sea of tents!
Visit the many booths, Xyience will be handing out free samples, vendors will have food available (bbq pits not allowed sorry leave the cooking to the pros). *beverages will be provided to all.
In MVE fashion, lots of free giveaways and contests. Most EPIC Costume, Worst costume, and more. Flash photography, noise makers, hog calls, cow bells are a plus. Let’s not make it just a race, lets make it an experience. No quiet spectators allowed.


  • hog dash we love this 1Run or walk through the course
  • Crawl when your supposed to crawl
  • Jump when there is something in the way
  • Climb if jumping does not work
  • Do not touch the barbed wire… it hurts!
  • Do not make fun of Greg
  • If you have to slide, don’t wimp out just slide
  • Wear your old, used, no sentimental attachment clothing.
  • Try and Duct tape your shoes to your legs, mud has a way of stealing your converse right off your feet.
  • Dress up in a costume if you want, the crazier you look the…..well lets just say people will like you more.
  • If you ever feel like you can not get over an obstacle. YELL. Someone will help you. TEAMWORK
  • This is not a race, get over an obstacle then make fun of your buddy that just fell flat on his face.
  • Leave your jewelry at home, the mud is known to take many trips to the pawn shop.
  • Do not try and dive into the mud head first. You don’t want to be the guy known for being asleep in the mud but wasn’t really… nobody likes that sad ending.
  • No pets, Exotic animals, Skis, Snowboards, Skates, Skateboards, Pogo Sticks, Tap Shoes, Powered Vehicles on the course. Yes you can only use your two feet to get around… I know sooooo primitive.
  • Make sure to hydrate good. We will have water stops throughout the course.
  • High five’in after each obstacle is recommended but is to be used at your own risk.
  • Follow the path.
  • No one will be left behind.
  • If you get bitten or cut it is not our fault. Be careful.
  • Eat your vegetables.
  • Bring as many friends as you want
  • Bring your grandma to take pictures of you
  • Bring your neighbors wife….
  • These rules are just suggestions, one reading should consider everything is within safe measures if you are going to attempt anything we have stated.
  • Bring some extra cash just in case you want to buy something from one of our awesome vendors.
  • Be careful and always be friendly to your fellow hog dashers.
  • If we think of more rules at a later time refer back to here. Till then….HAVE FUN!



Early Registration $45 till April 26
Late Registration $55- April 27 -May 25
Final Registration $65 – May 26 – May 31
Day of Registration $65 NO SHIRT $70 W/SHIRT

Parking Fee: $5 per car charged at the door (collected by San Benito Parks and Rec. Dept.)


AGE LIMIT: 14 year+ accompanied by adult supervision, Some obstacles are high and dangerous, Extreme caution necessary.

Local Registration is available at:

San Benito City Hall
Footworks Start to Finish – Harlingen and Edinburg
Valley Running Co – McAllen

For Online Registration Go To:


sign up for hd4




San Benito Parks & Recreation Department: To create better activities for the children and to grow the parks and rec. department of San Benito.

Stars Scholarship Fund is dedicated to providing successful futures for local students. Stars was established to offer students an equal opportunity for advancement in higher education. Scholarships provide deserving students the ability to achieve success at the college of their choice.

GET UP AND TRAIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Educate our future. Offering scholarships to not only high school students but anyone who wants to further their education.


IF YOU OR YOUR COMPANY ARE INTERESTED IN BEING REPRESENTED AT THE HD5 EXPO OR Would like to support your local MVE in sponsorship of an obstacle please email us at midvalleyevents@gmail.com or message us through Facebook.

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